July 16, 2022 is using test banks illegal?

Is Using Test Banks Illegal?

Is Using Test Banks Illegal?

Most employers check the applicant’s academic records when they receive a job application. If you have performed great in college tests and exams, it will increase your chances of getting recruited.

What if you have limited days for exam preparation? Will you risk getting failed or try a proven method to prepare well for the exam? Most students will pick the second option and you should do the same.

Students across the USA are using test banks to accelerate exam preparations. Publishers prepare those test banks for teachers and professors, but now you can also access them online. It is legal to use test banks for exam preparation and do not consider it academic dishonesty!

Continue reading to learn more about this issue and how you should deal with it!

Are you too concerned about academic dishonesty?

Many teachers and professors believe it is academic dishonesty to use test banks. It is just an opinion and students should not worry too much about it!

It takes several months to learn topics featured in school and college textbooks. Students, who study consistently, learn enough to impress the faculty. If you aren’t attending classes regularly, it will cause confusion and your concepts might not be clear!

Should you leave all the unprepared topics and rely only on what you have learned in the class? No, you should download the test bank, find a list of important questions from the covered chapters, and prepare them. This preparation will give you every opportunity to perform well in the exam.

Test banks are the best source of exam-prep questions!

Teachers and faculties have used test banks to get a set of exam questions for all chapters published in the textbook. Some teachers slightly modify those questions and some use them as it is.

Whatever the approach is, question banks always help instructors prepare the best test papers for assessment. It is not tough anymore to access digital copies of test banks online. You can get at least one test bank for all modern textbooks.

Some students and most teachers believe students should not use test banks because those materials are meant for teachers. You should not presume such things only to please a few faculties. They have also used question banks and other resources to pass exams.

You are not cheating if you use a test bank. You are using this source to get a set of important questions for chapters shortlisted for the test. Once you got questions, you can learn their concepts, principles, and get well-prepared to answer all those questions. That’s a straightforward approach and you must give it a try!

How to use test banks to get impressive marks in the exam?

You can buy and download digital copies of question banks within a few minutes. Once you got the source of exam-prep questions, use it to prepare for upcoming tests. Follow the below-recommended method to get well-prepared before the exam.

  • Use the test bank for questions!

Test banks deliver a tremendous amount of exam preparation questions. Those are the questions your instructor might pick for the test paper. Open the textbook, prepare the topic associated with that question, and gain enough knowledge to cover all variations of that question.

Test banks mostly contain multiple-choice questions. You will find the right answer for all questions in the test bank file. It will only feature the right option. It won’t describe the answer, but the textbook will describe it. So, use the textbook to learn the topic and thus you will always pick the right answer.

  • Avoid unimportant topics featured in the textbook

You should cover all topics when you start the semester. It is not a wise decision to cover all topics when you have limited time to prepare for the exam.

The question bank will make it easier to pick the most important topics from the textbook. There will be many topics in the textbook that examiners never pick to prepare a question. You can bypass those topics and cover more important topics without wasting time.

  • To prepare mock tests

If you use the test bank to prepare mock tests for group studies, it will offer hours of exam practice. You can try all sorts of questions and check how long it takes to solve those questions and find the right answer.

Suppose your speed is too slow to cover all questions, regular practice will help you cover more questions. Teachers also try the same tactic to give students sufficient exam practice before the main exam.

  • Use test bank to boost your confidence and have a positive approach to the exam!

Exams can be scary. Lack of time and poor preparation can eliminate all your chances of passing the test. Do not let it happen to you when you can download and use test banks.

Learn the logic behind the question and revise as often as possible to stay well-prepared for the exam. Even if you don’t have enough time to cover all chapters, pick the most rewarding chapters from the textbook. That test bank will reveal mostly picked chapters and topics.

Thus, you can cover the most important topics first and then focus on less important chapters. Nobody can say that it is an illegal way of gaining knowledge before the exam. So, do not worry about it!


Test banks have become have saved many students from failing college tests and university exams. It is not a secret that most students have a digital test bank for all textbooks used by teachers. Even teachers receive the latest copy of the test bank and they use it as often as possible.

It is not a wise decision to avoid easily accessible exam preparation material, especially to please so-called academic experts. Download the test bank for all your textbooks now and use them to access important questions from all chapters.

Practice from the beginning of the semester to have well-prepared for any surprise test. It will not only improve your grades but also the knowledge you need to be a top candidate for future jobs!